Passagem do Documentário “The Nature of Existence”

No próximo dia 16 de Março, pelas 20:00, irá realizar-se mais um dos encontros Ateístas e Humanistas, que se costumam realizar mensalmente (terceiras quartas feiras de cada mês). Desta vez, o encontro é especial, pois iremos passar o documentário “The Nature of Existence“, e contaremos com a posterior presença do Director do mesmo Roger Nygard, via Skype.

O encontro é na Loja de História Natural, em Lisboa, sendo que se pede a todos os que queiram estar presentes para confirmar na página do Meetup dos Encontros Ateístas e Humanistas.

A entrada é gratuita, mas, pede-se a quem queira estar presente para fazer um pequeno donativo e/ou para trazer comida/bebida, por forma a partilhar com os restantes participantes (existirá uma mesa com doces/salgados/bebidas no local).

Sinópse do Documentário

What if you asked the religious experts, gurus, scientists, and atheists of the world why we exist, and what are we supposed to do about it? What started the Universe, and was it a mistake?
Does God exist, and why does he seem so interested in our sex lives? Who do you think wins that debate? After exploring the phenomenon of Trekkies, filmmaker Roger Nygard journeyed to the source of each of the world’s belief systems, to find people who have influenced, inspired, and freaked out humanity…
Including high-profile atheists such as Stanford physicist Leonard Susskind (co-discoverer of string theory), Harvard Psychologist Daniel Gilbert (author, Stumbling on Happiness), actor/monologist Julia Sweeney (Letting Go of God), film director Irvin Kershner (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back), Ann Druyan (author and wife of the late Carl Sagan), evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), and many more….

“If an individual has faith that he is Napoleon, then you say he’s loony. But if a hundred million people have faith in some god, then because it’s a hundred million, you’re supposed to respect it. But there’s actually no more evidence for their god, than for the lunatic’s belief that he’s Napoleon.”
Richard Dawkins, in “Then Nature of Existence”

“Roger Nygard’s ‘The Nature of Existence’ is wonderful!’”

“…amusing, informative, and well worth seeing…it will teach, entertain, and provoke thought…often amusingly bizarre… you’ll see and hear things you never knew before. Or imagined. And if you’re attentive, you’ll get the jokes. Think Religulous except more ambitious and less mean.”
Richard Carrier Blogs

“The Nature of Existence is a timely, thought-provoking trip. … walks a wide span of the theological, philosophical and scientific waterfront, offering voices ranging from mainstream Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism to physicists, atheists , pagans, the Nation of Islam, spiritualists, and the Church of Satan…he has come away with a movie that may be the most enjoyable philosophy class ever.”
**** Dallas Morning News

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