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30 de Junho, 2016 Administrador

Testemunho de refugiada em Portugal

Wodrood, refugiada iraquiana em Portugal, contactou a AAP – Associação Ateísta Portuguesa para nos dar conta da sua história e para que nós a partilhássemos com os nossos leitores.

O testemunho vai por editar e em língua inglesa, tal como nos foi remetido. Após uma conversa pelo Facebook, Wodrood pediu que o divulgássemos. Não temos qualquer razão para duvidar que não seja verídico, até porque, muito infelizmente, já ouvimos histórias trágicas semelhantes no passado. Aqui fica.

My name is Worood, an Iraqi-born ex-Muslim, and I need to share my story.
Being a female Muslim, my father did not like the idea of his daughter getting an education.  Instead of going to university, he made plans to have me married to my cousin.  I strongly opposed being forced into marriage, which caused me to endure many heated arguments and physical abuse.  I recieved a letter  of acceptance  to  the  University of  Baghdad, but he refused to allow me to  move there because he thought I would bring shame on the family by meeting a boy, removing my hijab, or other activities that go against Sharia law.
This led to  my  last  beating.  In 2008 I was in kitchen when my father came in accusing me of talking to a boy.  He broke a glass over my head, then my brother dragged me from kitchen to another room.  My brother started hitting and kicking me until I fell to the ground unconscious.  After regaining consciousness, my brother picked me up and threw me on the floor many times injuring my back.  Blood covered my face and I was choking on my blood.  I felt like that was the end of me. My wounds began to heal and my bruises began to fade, but my spine was injured during the beating.  I felt tingling in my spine and my legs were very heavy when I tried to walk.  

So he obligated me to change that to local University in my  city. Then whilst i was  attending  my local  university  i was  monitored  all day , watched by  male  family members.

But I failed In my 3d year

Because my mother succumbed to her Rheumatoid arthritis and died in that year But I finished that after 5 years and graduated as microbiology  and  bacteriology  degree in 2009-2010#

I left Islam in 2009 After my mother died 

But it was progress These symptoms continued  throught my  studies until  one day I was walking suddenly I didn’t  feel anything in my legs I fall down in the ground in my university  on the  way to  a  lecture

This  began to happen  more and more and i  became  very shy  becuase of  it  this  was  days  after with  no  medical treatment

After that my dad Become treating me better than past but I was hating him Even that And he was crying a lot 

After  8 doctors  telling  me  there is  nothing  wrong the last one refered me to  a  neurologist After he checking my legs he told me You deffinately have a problem He sent me to neurological doctor Then he discoverd I have had a  serious progressive nerve damge problem. That day I was crying and I wouldn’t to see my dad he  wasnt allowed  in my  cousins  house , she  was a great freind to me 

Finally after 2 years from suffering a lot of pain I get a surgery in 01/01/2011 i woke  up in surgery and  could feel them  slicing open my back and  felt the  smashing  of  each  bone  as they  removed   them  i do not  have  7 dorsal vertabrea anymore.  i was   home in 4 days

My brother was  celebrating   when told of  the  results   was happy and  punched me  repeatedly. held  me up in the  air by my neck trying  to kill me again shouting  Shameless!!.. but my dad  came in and told him to  put me  down she is  sick.

I get a job on  30/11/2011 working as a bacteriologist   in a hospital  but after abusing several times from my brother even with my spinal cord injury I decided to runway from my home and I did that after a lot from suffering in that long horrible journey

AAP: Oh my! If you don’t mind us asking, can you please tell us how did you get away and to where? And also, how and why did you arrived to Portugal?

Actually I didn’t choose Portugal but the program of relocate in Europe Union
Accepted me in Portugal
First time I was in turkey 9 months in camps which like you feel you are in miserable jail
The last time they put me in a place with crazy people becuz my atheism
And I was obligated to read Quran for the manger and kissing his hand infront his staff for mocking from me

So I decided to runway again from turkey and crossing the sea
AAP: Did you told them you’re an atheist?

Yes I did but I thought the first time Turkish people secular or something like that
I was wrong
AAP: Yes, unfortunately things are not as good as they once were in Turkey…

In the first camp there’s woman bothering me a lot so I cursed Islam in midnight she attacked me so they moved me to that place
The first camp no phone no internet we live in a place totally look like a jail and the staff working there always they treating us like shit
Screaming and yelling for no reason
The camp full with women those they runway from family abuse

I just I want to fix my spine so I can expose the truth
I have horrible back pain that can prevent me from sleeping
And turn my life upside down
AAP: Do you want to be anonymous, do you have an alias, a name you want to be known as?
Becuz my family want to killing me
Female in my culture if she runway that mean she bring the shame for her family by killing her they will wash that shame
My name Worood the real but it mean Roses in English
And my friend he advice me to change the name cuz my family searching to know where Iam

16 de Abril, 2010 Raul Pereira

Ciclo de conferências – Programa

A Biblioteca-Museu República e Resistência e a AAP – Associação Ateísta Portuguesa promovem um ciclo de conferências a realizar no decorrer dos meses de Maio e Junho.



Dia 7 de Maio

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Onofre Varela


Saber sobre Deuses e crer em Deus.

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Ludwig Krippahl

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Argumentos científicos contemporâneos intitulados Deus não existe.

Dia 21 de Maio

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Carlos Barroco Esperança

Presidente da AAP – Associação Ateísta Portuguesa

Ateísmo, Laicidade e Democracia.

Dia 4 de Junho

18.30 h

Amadeu Carvalho Homem

Professor Universitário

A Religião e a República.

Dia 18 de Junho

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Isabel Lousada

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O anticlericalismo em Portugal: uma perspectiva.

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