Neste pequeno intervalo do estudo de Medicina Legal (nós, estudantes de Direito, nesta cadeira, somos insensivelmente usados pelos senhores de Medicina como divertimento :o) ), aqui coloco um excerto de uma letra do meu grupo preferido: The Divine Comedy. A música chama-se Don’t look down e é do álbum Promenade.


And then a God who really ought not to exist

Sticks out a great big hand

And grabs me by the wrist

And asks me “why?” and I say

“Well God, it’s like this

It may be arrogance

Or just appalling taste

But I’d rather use my pain than let it all go to waste

On some old god who tells me what I want to hear

As if I cannot tell obedience from fear

I want to take my pleasures where and how I will,

Be they disgraceful or distasteful or distilled

And to be frank I find that life has more appeal

Without a driver who’s asleep behind the wheel”